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Quiet Revolution: the day after

The heart of the revised version is his call for a “responsibility revolution”, emphasising the individual over the state. He wants to create “an opportunity society – a society in which everybody is a somebody, a doer not a done-for”. More than 50 policy commitments are included, among them “fairer, flatter and simpler” taxes – but no immediate tax cuts – expanded drug rehabilitation, support for top-up fees in universities, a British bill of rights and a UK border police force. The Guardian This is, of course, a (flexible) work in progress. There is much in this statement that indicates a welcome modernisation of the Conservative Party. But what that modernisation should mean is that the Tories stand fore-square for individual freedom and the merits of the market and that this stance is articulated in a moderate yet compelling manner. Mr Cameron is capable of that combination of virtues but the green and wellbeing themes provided here need to be rebalanced. He will begin to bore his listeners if he appears to speak passionately about banalities. A political inflection point needs more content than cadence. The Times Officials said that it would form the basis of the next election manifesto. The new 12-page statement, twice as long as the original, contains plans for a new Bill of Rights to replace the Human Rights Act. The Times

In a foreword signed by Mr Cameron, the Tory leader said “old answers” provided by government no longer worked in an age in which people expected choice. Britain needed “a new direction and new answers”. People would find them only if they were encouraged and allowed to assume more responsibility for the way they ran their affairs. Telegraph Mr Cameron also seems to be sticking by his promise to change the party by getting more women and ethnic minority candidates, despite setbacks with the “A-list” of such candidates he has tried to promote over the summer. Indipendent The Tory leader said his new version of the document Built to Last would allow the party to set a “new direction” for Britain. He insisted it presented “quite a change” from the initial draft, criticised during a consultation with the Tory rank and file. The 12-page mini-manifesto contains almost 60 statements on issues ranging from ID cards to malaria in the Third World. The DailyExpress Built on sand, by A Tangled Web (molto critico) A responsibility revolution, by Kevin Davis

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