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Florida Sleep Diagnostics

ASDC is a Florida sleep study where you can find a premier group of sleep professionals, physicians and diagnosticians with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Related Disorders. In addition to having a Medical Director, Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, the multidisciplinary staff boasts a wealth of knowledge in sleep medicine and respiratory therapy. The state of the art, fully equipped facilities offer a variety of equipment and choices in diagnostic services. Whether you’re in need of a full sleep study, respiratory care, or merely a professional consultation on how to achieve restfulness, ASDC can help youreach your goals faster. In this sleep disorder center, a professional team can help increase your productive sleep and improve or develop sound sleep practices.  Effective therapy for sleep related disorders can help you return to your previous level of activity and improve overall health. A customized and comprehensive diagnostic study is carefully designed and structured for each participant. Under the guidance of a physician and certified therapists, the individual is evaluated and findings are promptly relayed to the admitting physician for review. ASDC’s goal is to bring each person to their optimal level of function and restore his or her maximum potential.

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