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Time Warner Internet Service

Do you have problems in connecting to the Internet? Do you think it’s frustrating to wait while your computer dials up your internet service provider (ISP), connects, and then slowly loads your home page? Time Warner High Speed Internet is the solution for you. With Time Warner Internet you can say ‘goodbye’ to your old dial-up connection. It operates on a cable broadband connection, meaning you never have to dial up or disconnect again. You are continuously connected so the moment you sit down and open your web browser you’re able to go immediately to your favorite sites without having to wait. Time Warner Internet Service also comes with a variety of security features including security software and virus scan. These two added features are at no additional cost to you and protect you from spam and viruses, but also include firewall protection, product upgrades, updates and web support. Another safety feature offered free when you choose Time Warner as your high speed internet provider is our Parental Control component. Don’t worry about your family viewing inappropriate material; with Parental Control you have the ability to protect your children by determining exactly what’s allowed into your home. Not only is Time Warner Internet Service easy to install, it comes with highly-skilled customer service professionals available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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