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Setcap and Structured Settlements

Settlement Capital Corporation (SCC) is a specialty financing company that provides liquidity to owners and holders of periodic payments resulting from structured settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, government and commercial contracts and other secured future payment obligations. Considering Settlement Capital’s experience, knowledge, relationships and financial strength, SCC offers customers, brokers, attorneys, agents, financial advisors and consultants the opportunity to work with the industry leader in the secondary market for Since that pivotal transaction SCC has retained its leadership position by relying on its experience and knowledge to create the most effective and efficient operations, develop the most coveted relationships within the legal and insurance industries and spearhead the legislative efforts to regulate the industry. With its envied and special relationships with financial institutions on Wall Street, SCC has unmatched financial resources that insures SCC’s customers get the industries most competitive pricing. More on Structured Settlements, here.

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