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No, he can’t

Obama’s dismantling of President Clinton’s economic legacy is injurious. For moderate Democrats who recognise the national mainstream as the party’s best hope of a long-term majority, it is highly dangerous to be associated with such an ideological presidency. It is even worse when the ideology is the one least likely to work. Weakness and inexperience abroad is already causing a dangerous escalation in tensions. At home, the president’s policies represent a history-making, debt-fuelled arrogation of vast territories of private life and the economy. More war and less growth is bad leadership and bad politics.

Karl Rove? Newt Gingrich? Rush Limbaugh? Joe the Plumber? No, è soltanto l’ultimo paragrafo di un articolo scritto da Burtle Bull (ex editore di The Village Voice) per il magazine britannico Prospect. Dopo la sinistra-sinistra, anche la sinistra-centro sta iniziando a mollare Obama?

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