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My Silver Starfish Pendant

Silver jewelry is one of the most common types of jewelry that I often purchase. From silver necklaces and bracelets to silver rings, charms and pendants, silver jewelries are fine pieces that I wear both for casual and special occasions. They are amazing to look at and the best part is that they are not too expensive also. But most famous these days, are the silver pendants! All my pendants are one of a kind and this is my favorite starfish pendant! Oh, by the way I was told starfish are known to bring good luck. The starfish is commonly believed to symbolize various concepts such as fertility, happiness, wealth, peace and love or even the Virgin Mary. Well, regardless of the belief, the act of receiving this impressive jewelry surely made me happy! The starfish is the tender’s image of the sea, bringing to life sweet memories of sand and gentle waves and long afternoons spent exploring the edges of the ocean. This silver pendant perfectly captures this image and brings it to a necklace I’d be excited to wear every day!

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