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NY-23 Round-Up

Dede Scozzafava si è ritirata dalla corsa per il 23° distretto di New York. E nell’establishment del GOP è partita la gara per l’endorsement a Doug Hoffman (Newt compreso). Comunque vada, è stata una lezione che il partito farebbe meglio a non dimenticare.

Round-Up (right): NewsBusters.org, American Power, Townhall.com, Pajamas Media, American Power, Scared Monkeys, Fausta’s Blog, Betsy’s Page, Left Coast Rebel, QandO, The Other McCain, Macsmind, Neptunus Lex, Riehl World View, Top of the Ticket, Daily Pundit, Don Surber, Daily Pundit, Power Line, The Other McCain, Christian Science Monitor, Stop The ACLU, RedState, Little Green Footballs, National Review, Conservatives4Palin.com, Gateway Pundit, Weekly Standard, AmSpecBlog, Dr. Melissa Clouthier, Jules Crittenden, Wizbang, Riehl World View, The Jawa Report,

Round-Up (left): Taylor Marsh, MyDD, The Washington Independent, Open Left, The Daily Politics, TPMDC, Daily Kos, Think Progress, The Impolitic, Crooks and Liars, DownWithTyranny!, Firedoglake, No More Mister Nice Blog, Gothamist, The Political Carnival, PoliBlog, The Moderate Voice, The New Republic

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