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The coming election will be Conservative V Labour. In some marginals, it will be Liberal Democrat V Conservative, or SNP V Labour, and so on. There’ll be related, tangential conflicts: Westminster village V real voters, old media V new media. Finally, there’ll be a big battle, one which may decide the election itself – Artificiality V Authenticity.

Paul Goodman ha capito il problema. E aggiunge che

Artificiality is the marketing campaign. It’s the battle bus slogan. It’s the airbrushed poster. It’s the soundbite. It’s “Notes for Editors”. It’s the e-mail from Party Headquarters. It’s the lobby briefing. It’s inspection of campaign material. It’s the non-denial denial. It’s the masochism strategy. It’s the attack document. It’s the pager message. It’s private polling. It’s the strategically placed interview. It’s the line to take. Authenticity, on the other hand, is being yourself.


A last thought. Whether you like him or not, you can imagine David Cameron talking directly to a room full of students – who are suspicious at best, hostile at worst. Indeed, you don’t have to imagine it. He’s done it. Can you imagine Gordon Brown doing it? Can you picture him actually taking the risk? Shouldn’t be given no peace until he does?

La campagna per le prossime elezioni è inglesi è tutta in questo straordinario post.

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