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Media Endorsements

Diamo un’occhiata agli endorsements fatti dai media inglesi in queste elezioni politiche. Schierati per i Conservatori e David Cameron: News of the World: “They are our best hope for a brighter, saner, safer, more honourable future” The Economist: “Forget the hypotheticals and look at the policies. On that basis the Conservatives deserve to win.” Financial Times: “Britain needs a stable and legitimate government to navigate its fiscal crisis. On balance, the Conservative Party best fits the bill.” The Times : “David Cameron has shown the fortitude, judgment and character to lead this country back to a healthier, stronger future. It is time, once again, to vote Conservative.” The Sunday Times : “Britain needs a change of government on Thursday and a decisive outcome. This can only mean that the best solution will be an outright Conservative victory.” The Sunday Telegraph : “The best choice for Britain is a Conservative government with a strong majority.” The Spectator: “Put aside your doubts and vote for the Conservatives. It’s time for them to save Britain – again.” The Mail on Sunday: “Mr Cameron and the Conservatives should be trusted with your vote.” A sostegno dei LibDem: The Guardian : “If the Guardian had a vote it would be cast enthusiastically for the Liberal Democrats. But under our discredited electoral system some people may – hopefully for the last time – be forced to vote tactically.” The Observer: “The Liberal Democrats offer a prospect of renewal which has been denied them by a grossly unfair voting system.” Independent on Sunday: “Vote tactically… for the change that really matters…the best outcome of this election would be a Lib-Lab coalition.” New Statesman : “Labour cannot deliver on its own. Consequently, in constituencies where the Lib Dems stand the best chance of defeating the Conservatives, voters should offer their support to Nick Clegg’s party.” Gli ultimi giapponesi laburisti Daily Mirror: “Unlike some fair-weather supporters, we remain committed to Labour.” Via TotalPolitics

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