Se non volete fidarvi solo di quello che vi raccontano i giornali italiani, The Right Nation vi offre ogni giorno (da qui fino al 6 Novembre) alcuni spunti di letture obbligate per capire cosa sta succedendo davvero in questo finale di campagna elettorale. 

The uncool president
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

A Polling Quandary in the Buckeye State
Jay Cost, Weekly Standard 

Sifting the Numbers for a Winner
Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal

Here Comes the Landslide
Dick Morris, The Hill

Team Obama’s Electoral Bet
Michael Barone, National Review

Fox News Finds Benghazi Smoking Gun, Raises Serious Questions
James Carafano, The Foundry (Heritage Foundation) 

Pastor who prayed at Obama’s inauguration says all white people will go to hell
Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner

90 percent of Europeans would vote for Obama: poll
Peter Schwartzstein, Reuters

Women: Sen. Bob Menendez paid us for sex in the Dominican Republic
Matthew Boyle, The Daily Caller 

3 Stupid Responses to Hurricane Sandy – and Every Other Disaster You Can Think Of
Nick Gillespie, Reason

Obama’s campaign goes empty and strident
George Will, Washington Post 

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