Se non volete fidarvi solo di quello che vi raccontano i giornali italiani, The Right Nation vi offre ogni giorno (da qui fino al 6 Novembre) alcuni spunti di letture obbligate per capire cosa sta succedendo davvero in questo finale di campagna elettorale. 

Why Romney Is Likely to Win
Jay Cost, Weekly Standard

On Polling Models, Skewed & Unskewed
Dan McLaughlin – RedState

Under Attack, Nate Silver Picks the Wrong Defense
Margaret Sullivan, New York Times

Unemployment rate higher today then when Obama took office
Conn Carroll, Washington Examiner

Key task force not convened during Benghazi consulate attack
Sharyl Attkisson, CBS News

How the Romney Camp Sees the Early Vote in Iowa
Jim Geraghty – National Review

An Unpredictable End to a Very Predictable Election
Scott Rasmussen – Rasmussen Reports

How Far Obama Has Fallen
Peggy Noonan – Wall Street Journal

Butler County, U.S.A.
Robert Stacy McCain – American Spectator

The Choice
Charles Krauthammer – Washington Post

Catholics Turn on the One
Joel B. Pollak –

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