Monday Round-Up


Media fight on the right over GOP
Dylan Byers, Politico

After Election 2012: WWBD — What Would Breitbart Do?
Andrew Marcus, Townhall

Going Negative and Turning Out the Base
Michael Barone, National Review

Decline and Fall
Charlotte Allen, Weekly Standard

The Taming of the Tea Party
Jesse Walker, Reason

McCain Beats Romney!
Paul Kengor, The American Spectator

A Setback, Not a Catastrophe
Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

He betrayed us on two fronts
Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Senate Intelligence Panel to Probe Why Congress Wasn’t Told About Petraeus Investigation
Bridget Johnson, PJ Tatler

CIA denies claim from Petraeus’ girlfriend that Benghazi annex held Libyan prisoners
Neil Munro, The Daily Caller


Toast Man Patt
Graeme Wilson, The Sun

The best and the worst of BBC journalism
The Telegraph

Win minorities, win majorities
Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun

The Tories and the boundary shake up
Juliette Jowit e Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Smearing an innocent man’s name is the real tragedy here
Boris Johnson, The Telegraph

A fair international tax
Tax Research

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