Tuesday Round-Up


The Latino-Vote Obsession
Victor Davis Hanson, Victor Davis Hanson

Romney is to blame for his own defeat
Rick Moran, American Thinker

Broadwell and Benghazi
James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

In Ohio, the GOP puzzles over missing white voters
Byron York, Washington Examiner

Barack Obama’s Election And The Looming Crisis Of Liberalism
Charles Kadlec, Forbes

A Stalemate, Not a Mandate
James Ceaser, Claremont Review of Books

Rove Under Fire From GOP for Costly Election Debacle

FBI Agent in Petraeus Case Under Scrutiny
Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal

Every vote counts: Woman blames husband for Obama win, runs him over with car
Taylor Bigler, The Daily Caller

Texas Secession Petition Crosses 25,000 Signature Threshold
Bryan Preston, PJ Tatler

Cartoon _111312_A



Another fine mess
Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror

Liberty and those who misuse it
Sadie Smith, Total Politics

Shoddy Journalism, not Budget cuts
Domonic Lawson, The Independent

If only soap operas didn’t wash their hands of politics
Polly Toynbee, Guardian

A little love
Benedict Brogan, The Telegraph

Power to the patient
Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun

Let the public run the BBC
Tessa Jowell, The Telegraph

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