Thursday Round-Up


The Right Isn’t Waving a White Flag
Jonah Goldberg, National Review

Under the Hood of Team Obama’s Tech Operation
Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

Surprise! Jobless Claims Up 78,000 Week After Election; PA, OH Worst Hit
Joel B. Pollak,

European-style austerity: Obama’s new ‘balanced’ debt plan is 73% tax hikes
James Pethokoukis, American Enterprise Institute

Oh, We Forgot to Tell You…
Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics

To Win, Obama Sacrifices House, State Legislatures
Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

General failure
Ralph Peters, New York Post

Decline and Fall
Charlotte Allen, Weekly Standard

What America Must Learn from the Euro Crisis
Matthew Feeney, Reason

The Third Coast
Joel Kotkin, City Journal

Report: Obama signed secret cyber directive in October
Josh Peterson, The Daily Caller

ObamaCare Work Disincentives: 4 Cliffs Hit Employees
Jed Graham, Investor’s Business Daily


All the Presidential Men
Con Coughlin, The Telegraph

Austerity is here to stay
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Osborne’s election strategy
Steve Richards, The Independent

Clegg is Right
Allison Pearson, The Telegraph

A hammerin’ for Cameron
Graeme Wilson, The Sun

The big contests
Michael White, The Guardian

Britain waits for boldness
The Telegraph

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