Tuesday Round-Up


Obamacare, another federal power grab
Rick Perry, USA Today

The Conservative Future
David Brooks, New York Times

Conservative Republicans fight back after Romney loss
Paul Kane, Washington Post

Allen West concedes
Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

House Democrats Inch Closer to Becoming a Two-State Caucus
Eric Ostermeier, Smart Politics:

California, Home of the Destitute
John Hinderaker, PowerLine

Oh What a Tangled Web
Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Obama stumbles around Southeast Asia
Jim Treacher, The Daily Caller

Obama Calls Burma ‘Myanmar’ as ‘Diplomatic Courtesy’
Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard

Petraeus schools the White House
Joseph Curl, Washington Times


Cameron strolls towards the EU exit
Ben Brogan, The Telegraph

Calm consideration replaces fiery rhetoric
The Telegraph

Stand up and be heard
Steve Richards, The Independent

Lynton Crosby: no point in being polite
Andrew Gimson, The Guardian

The violent agreement on Europe
Charlotte Leslie, Politicshome

A Memo for Lynton
Lord Ashcroft, Conservative Home

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