Tuesday Round-Up


Why aren’t Asians Republicans?
Charles Murray, American Enterprise Institute
Jeb Bush Meets with Former Aides near White House
Robert Costa, National Review:

Santorum: “I’m Open to 2016 Run”
Michael Warren, Weekly Standard

Smearing Rubio
Paul Kengor, The American Spectator

Outsider Conservatism
Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative

The Washington Post’s Dreams of Dixie
Seth Mandel, Commentary

NYT Reporter Falls for Hamas Ploy
The Washington Free Beacon

The U.N.’s Internet Sneak Attack
L. Gordon Crovitz, Wall Street Journal

The Democrats’ Fallback Plan For When Obamacare Inevitably Fails

Scott W. Atlas, Forbes

How Many Times Has Real Spending Declined Since 1980?
Nick Gillespie, Reason

The Kindest Cuts
Alberto Alesina, City Journal

Cartoon _112712_A


Carney, the Outsider
The Telegraph 

The Man for the Bank
Daily Mail 

They’re all talk
The Sun 

Banking on Carney
The Guardian 

It has taken the Left years, but finally the press is at its mercy
Benedict Brogan, The Telegraph 

Ukip are not closet racists – but we’ve had enough
Nigel Farage, The Telegraph 

Britain should hold on to its feral beast of a press – despite all its horror
Dominic Lawson, The Independent

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