Se non volete fidarvi solo di quello che vi raccontano i giornali italiani, The Right Nation vi offre ogni giorno (da qui fino al 6 Novembre) alcuni spunti di letture obbligate per capire cosa sta succedendo davvero in questo finale di campagna elettorale. 

In a Twist, Obama the Democrat Is Depending on Ohio
Ronald Brownstein, National Journal

Going out on a limb: Romney beats Obama, handily
Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Hillsborough County: Florida’s true presidential bellwether
Adam C. Smith, Tampa Bay Times 

Who’s Really Winning Early Voting?
Molly Ball, The Atlantic 

Letter to My European Friends
Michael Ledeen – PJ Media  

New York’s Incredible Shrinking Mayor
Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

The Obama defectors
Aaron Blake and Scott Clement, The Fix (Washington Post)

Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Islamists, Hamas-linked groups
Neil Munro, The Daily Caller

Three Numbers That Could Hold the Key to a Romney Win
Chris Stirewalt, FOX News 

Mark Steyn, National Review
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